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Virtual Research Environment Phase 3 - Project Development

RCS is currently working on awarded JISC funded VRE3 (Virtual Research Environment Phase 3) projects and a VRERI (Rapid Innovation) project.

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We are also involved in an extension to the CREW VRE2 Project (July - December 2009)

Also see items on the 2011 AGProjects wiki

JISCcolour15.gif Period from 1st April 2009

Schedule of Projects


There is also planned occasional related special event with other projects that are using the same core code:


Next schedule also includes:

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Seminar: website launch

Tobias Schiebeck, Meik Poschen and Martin Turner, University of Manchester "JISC OneVRE Project: Creating a Secure Distribution Cross-Portlet for Sharing Electronic Documents" Tuesday 12th April, 2pm-3pm Room 1.10, Kilburn Building The University of Manchester


Website launch and demonstration: With Access Grid Technologies we can now join Portal based VREs. Using SARoNGS to authenticate users and provide VO attributes with X.509 proxy certificates to secure communication, this provides a Virtual Organization based access to Documents stored in the Venues. These documents can be securely shared; bit also expire in the shared Storage and then will be removed automatically. A key component is the joining of Portal environments using the lesser known Access Grid technologies in order to keep researchers within their familiar secure environment while reducing administration overheads.

More information: and try it out:

Pdf of powerpoint for OneVRE website launch ppt April 2011

We would wish users to view via EVO and should note the following: EVO bridge Virtual Venue: VRVS-Urbis vrvs---urbis( Jabber Room: vrvs---urbis (

Diary Dates

Plus the 260 hours of lectures/seminars in Semester 1 MAGIC recordings starting from 5th October 2009, the 270 hours in Sememster 2 from 11th January 2010 and next two seasons from 4th October 2010 and from February 2011.

Also see Diary Dates on the 2011 AGProjects wiki

Ideas from VRE start meeting 7th and 8th July 2009 #inf11


Items for all projects

PAG support through OneVRE: scheduled timetable

Internal Project Meetings

17th April 2009 - ''Action list''

Extra Items:

14th May 2009 - ''Action list''

15th June 2009 - ''Action list''

21st July 2009 - ''Action list''

2nd September 2009 - ''Action list''

7th October 2009 - ''Action list''

18th November 2009 - ''Action list''


17th December 2009

Workshop day for CREW and AG related project.

25th January 2010


22nd February 2010


29th March 2010


27th April 2010


21st May 2010

OneVRE - planning session:


27th May 2010

Intermittent summer meetings from June to September; including demonstrations at conferencces and workshops.

2nd December 2010

28th January 2011 in Breakout Room

25th February 2011 in Breakout Room

Next meeting due: