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Running real.exe, Creating the Initial and Boundary Conditions and Making the Emission files.

Running real.exe

Adding chemical and aerosol concentrations to initial and boundary conditions

!!! WARNING: in the default version of WRF-Chem, MOSAIC does not read in the boundary conditions for aerosol. Instead, it uses predefined mixing ratios, based on a campaign from Texas in 2004. To use initial and boundary conditions from the wrfinput and wrfbdy files, go to chem/modul_mosaic_initmixrats and set the CASENAME to 4 (line #17):

!CPP directives to control ic/bc conditions...
!(The directive in module_input_chem_data also needs to be set.)
!  CASENAME = 0   Uses Texas August 2004 case values and profiles
!             1   Uses same concentrations as TX, but uses different
!                 profiles depending on the species. (NEAQS2004 case)
!             2   Mexico City
!             3   Mexico City for Testbed, to be consistent with MADE/SORGAM too
!             4   bc,ic values from wrfinput and wrfbdy files
#define CASENAME 4

(n.b. this has been done in the local Manchester development version of WRF-chem).

MOZART-4 Boundary and Initial Conditions

The domain initial chemical concentrations and boundary conditions are taken from the output from MOZART-4 global model.

!!! It is recommended to use global data, for boundary conditions, rather than over a selected region, due to problems mapping onto the domain of interest when using a reduced domain. !!!


do_bc     = .true.   ! set to .ture. to set boundary conditions
do_ic     = .true.    ! set to true to set initial conditions
domain    = 1        ! number of domain
dir_moz = './<path_to_mozart_data>/'
dir_wrf = './<path_to_wrfchem_working_directory>/ 
fn_moz  = '' ! Name of mozart data

./mozbc < CBMZ-MOSAIC_8bins.inp 2>&1 | tee out_bc_cbmz_mos8bin.txt 

MACC Boundary and Initial Conditions

Updating soil moisture fields

============================================================== ============================================================== ==============================================================

MOZBC scripts

Scripts for applying MOZART global data to WRF boundary and input files can be downloaded from...

To compile the code on ARCHER use these settings:

module swap PrgEnv-cray PrgEnv-intel
module load netcdf

Modify the "make_mozbc" file to use "ifort" compiler on Linux systems (line 6). Then run make_mozbc

Example mapping scripts for MOZART and MACC data for CBMZ and CRIMECH