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MEGAN Bioemissions

These gives realistic bioemissions for the domain. They require a preprocessor to extract the monthly land use data, then emissions are calculated online in the model. Land data and the preprocessor (bio_emiss) can be downloaded from here:

Compiling the preprocessor on HECToR

Compiling the preprocessor on ARCHER

Running The Preprocessor

          wrf_dir          = '</WRFCHEM_working_directory_containing_wrfinput_file>',
          megan_dir        = './<Directory_containing_raw_MEGAN_data>',
          domains          = 1,
          start_lai_mnth   = 1,
          end_lai_mnth     = 12,

        ./megan_bio_emiss < megan_bio_emiss.inp &> megan_bio_emiss.log

           io_form_auxinput6                   = 2,
           bio_emiss_opt                        = 3,


Some of the global attributes in the wrfbiochemi_d01 file seem to overwrite those taken from the met_em* files when creating the wrfinput_d01 file. So you absolutely must recreate wrfbiochemi_d01 after making changes to the met files through WPS (i.e., when changing the version of WRF that you are using, or changing your land use category scheme, etc), otherwise the global attributes in your wrfinput_d01 file will be wrong.