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== Previous events ==
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 * [[ITSResearchSeminarRSpace|ITS Research Seminar - Are you looking for an electronic lab notebook solution? 15/01/15]]

== University Computational Science Clubs ==
== LEGACY University Computational Science Clubs ==
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== Computational Shared Facility User Group ==
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The Computational Shared Facility (CSF) provides a research-funded high-end computing resource to University contributors. The [[csf/CSFusergroup|Computational Shared Facility User Group (CSFUG)]] is an academically-led group convened to provide academic steering on policy and usage of the service. == LEGACY Manchester Informatics ==
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== Manchester Informatics == Please see instead [[|Digital Futures]]
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== Faculty News ==
 * [[ | EPS Computational Research Support Newsletters]]

== Support ==

 * A community building [[|research computing forum]] based in EPS and open to all on campus.

 * [[/ResearchComputingSharedService|IT Services for Research Shared Service Area]] - Area for those across campus support computational science (to see this area you need to be in the correct group).

 * [[/ITSGreenGroup|ITS Green Group]] - Shared area for the ITS Green Group.

 * [[/N8CoE| N8 Centre of Excellence]] - Shared Area for operation of the e-Infrastriucture in support of the N8 Centre of Excellence.

== Interesting Topics ==
== LEGACY Interesting Topics ==
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== Current Collaborative Projects == == LEGACY Collaborative Projects ==
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== Previous Collaborative Projects ==
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Community Area - THIS IS A LEGACY SITE

The purpose of this page is to facilitate communication between groups of people working together. Add a link to your activity below.

LEGACY University Computational Science Clubs

The University Clubs are no longer active. They were previous initiatives run by Research IT. There were four University Computational Science Clubs as listed below:

The word "club" is used to highlight that these meetings are open to everyone, from beginners to leaders in the field.

LEGACY Manchester Informatics

Please see instead Digital Futures

The aim of Manchester Informatics is to enhance the University of Manchester's ability to pursue the opportunities and challenges created by the digital revolution. Manchester Informatics harnesses the creative and intellectual power of the University, across all faculties and engages actively with external stakeholders.

LEGACY Interesting Topics

LEGACY Collaborative Projects

Computational Palaeontology

CREW: Collaborative Research Events on the Web

EEGViz: Visualization of EEG Data

Flow Viz: visualization of flow in an LBM CUDA simulation

Image Processing Problem for Tubules

HELIO: Heliophysics Integrated Observatory

JISC Virtual Research Environment Phase 3 Projects at RCS

Massively Parallel Brain Surgery Simulation

ParaFEM - A Library for Parallel Finite Element Analysis

ParaFEM-Viewer - A Visualization Tool for ParaFEM

Parallelisation of the eXtended Finite Element Method

semi-private area for CAS PPA app and associated portal & workflow work

SAGE Collaborative Stereoscopic Access Grid Environment

SARoNGS: Shibboleth Access to Resources on the National Grid Service

Tree Forks

Visualization of scheduling systems using a Physics Engine

Video Technology Advisory Service: Providing a wider service and project integration in one place

WRF-Chem, a aerosol-chemical coupled meteorological HPC code