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Running Interactive (GUI-based) Fluent Jobs

Experimental Service

Please do not run jobs in this way without first contacting Simon Hood of RCS

Use only the interactive queues

RCS are experimenting with interactive, i.e., GUI-based, Fluent jobs on Mace01 under the batch system, SGE. It seems possible to successfully run GUI-based interactive jobs by means of the SGE facility qrsh.

Currently, we ask that you contact before running jobs in this way.


You must have an X11-server running on your local desktop/laptop machine. If you are running any distro of Linux, or any other Unix-like operating system, such as Solaris, "X" is always running; if you have an Apple machine, start X11; if you are using MS Windows, then you will need to install and run Cygwin-X11, eXceed or Xming.

How It's Done: Serial Interactive Jobs

From your local desktop, SSH to Mace01, ensuring that you turn on X11 tunnelling. For example, from the Linux or Cygwin command line:

If using PuTTY on a MS Windows machine, ensure the "X11 tunnelling" box is ticked/checked within the options for SSH connections.

Once logged in, verify that X11 tunnelling is working:

  mace01> echo $DISPLAY
      # ...e.g., "localhost:10.0"...

If echo $DISPLAY shows nothing, X11 tunnelling is not working — this is not gonna work.

Next, make use of the SGE qrsh facility to queue an interactive session:

  mace01> qrsh -q serial-inter.q /software/Fluent.Inc/bin/fluent

This literally queues a request to start the Fluent GUI. If there is a free slot the GUI will start in a few seconds; if not, you will have to wait!

Parallel Interactive Jobs


  qrsh -q parallel-R5-inter.q -pe 4 /software/Fluent.Inc/bin/fluent -t4 3ddp -pnet -ssh