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A page for continued learning, with the aim of supplementing the IT Services course on [[|Introduction to using the Computational Shared Facility]].

== Slides ==

 * [[|Slides]]

== Practical sheets ==

 * Please see the [[|course materials download page]]

== Internal Links ==

 * [[|CSF documentation]]
 * Course material for our [[../UNIX|UNIX Community Page]]
 * [[../Courses|Courses page]] with links to other IT Services courses and free online courses.

== External Links ==

=== Linux ===

 * [[|A beginner's guide to the Unix and Linux operating system]] A nice tutorial which covers the basics of UNIX / Linux commands.
 * [[|Understanding Linux file permissions]]

=== Introduction to Parallel Computing ===

 * [[|Introduction to Parallel Computing]] Blaise Barney, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
 * [[|Wikipedia page on Parallel Computing]] Contains some useful definitions.

=== Floating point numbers ===

 * [[attachment:Floating Point Arithmetic.pdf|What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic|&do=get]]

=== Supercomputing resources ===
 * [[|ARCHER]] the UK's high-end computing resource.
This page has now moved to [[|]] - please follow the link.

Introduction to using the Computational Shared Facility

This page has now moved to - please follow the link.