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Image-based Modelling

A number of academics, researchers and students (from undergraduate to postgraduate level) are using image based modelling as a research tool. This is a multidisciplinary effort and therefore quite challenging. The purpose of this resource is to explain how to get started and where to find help. As these webpages have a read/write capability, those who find it useful are encouraged to improve it and add any materials they believe will be useful to others. This informal collaboration will help improve the ease in which image based modelling can be carried out.

The Process

To carry out image based modelling, you need to follow the sequence of 10 steps outlined below. Hyperlinks, where they are present, will lead to more details about tools and techniques.

  1. Select a suitable material

  2. Scan a sample
  3. Reconstruct the image
  4. Segment the image

  5. Create a finite element mesh

  6. Apply boundary conditions and material properties

  7. Run the finite element analysis

  8. Post-process the results

  9. Visualize the results

  10. Archive the models