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alt="NVIDIA CUDA Research Centre"

  • Software for GPUs inc. compiler/directives, maths libs & tools (debuggers and profilers)

University of Manchester researchers have access to GPU resources at both the University and further afield as listed below. Software applications and programming resources are listed at the bottom of the page.

If you are considering purchasing a GPU card, either for your desktop, workstation or a cluster such as the CSF, please speak to us in advance since we may have access to discounts eg via our NVIDIA CUDA Research Centre status

Resources at University of Manchester

The below information is also available as a Powerpoint presentation

The GPU resources on the CSF, the development cluster Zrek, & RedQueen are available to CSF/RedQueen contributors and via pump priming. The resources on Dali are available to all. For further information please email

Other Hardware Resources

GPU Applications

Other Resources