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GPU-Based research at the University of Manchester

alt="NVIDIA CUDA Research Centre"

  • Software for GPUs inc. compiler/directives, maths libs & tools (debuggers and profilers)

Case Studies

Overview of Research

Prof. Andrew Almond, Dr. Ben Sattelle, Chemistry/MIB

Prof. Neil Burton, Chemistry

Dr. Richard Bryce, Pharmacy

Prof. Jack Dongarra, Maths

Dr. Daniel Goodman, Computer Science

Prof. Jitesh Gajjar, Maths

Prof. Nick Higham, Richardson Chair of Applied Mathematics, Maths

Prof. Bill Lionheart, Maths: Image Reconstruction

Prof. Ser-Huang Poon, Finance, MBS

Dr. Alistair Revell, MACE

Dr. Ben Rogers, RCUK Research Fellow, MACE

Dr. David Schultz, Centre for Atmospheric Science

Prof. David Silvester, Maths

Dr. David Topping, Centre for Atmospheric Science

Prof. Peter Wilkinson, Physics & Astronomy

Prof. Phil Withers, Materials Sciences

Dr. Stephen Longshaw, MACE