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The 3rd UK GPU Computing Conference, Weds 14 Dec 2011, Goodenough College (Imperial)

About 90 people present (no list).

Paul Kelly, Imperial: Intro

Jim Cownie, Intel: Software is Key


Istvan Reguly, OeRC: efficient SpMv

Matthew Potter, Imperial but working at JPM: anisotropic adaptive meshes

Anton Lokhmotov, ARM

Also see 23/3/2012 GPU Club presentation by Roko Grubisic, ARM

G Kowalik et al, UCL: Het image recon for Mag Res

Brian Lam, Cambridge: BarraCUDA: high throughput sequence mapping

Alistair Hart, Cray: directives

Simon M-S, Bristol: OpenCL for het

Luke Cartey, Oxford: Auto-parallelism for Domain Specific Languages

NB: had to leave for train before last talk...