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MRSC Conference, 12-13 April, Bristol

alt="NVIDIA CUDA Research Centre"

  • Software for GPUs inc. compiler/directives, maths libs & tools (debuggers and profilers)

Report of the Many-core & Reconfigurable Supercomputing Conference (MRSC) 2011. Slides from speakers will appear on the Conference web site.

Monday: Tutorials

The morning session was Tim Lanfear, NVIDIA Sales, outlining how to program their cards using CUDA, focussing on how to write for their GPUs rather than on extracting utmost performance. Programming in CUDA is covered elsewhere but key points were that

The afternoon session was Lee Howes, AMD, giving an overview of OpenCL Programming. A primer based upon the talk's content will follow later. Key points:

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An "as it happened" list of points for most talks is available upon request

Points of interest arising from the presentations include