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  i. A: [[/HectorGpu]]   i. A: [[../HectorGpu| Accessing and running]]; <<MailTo(>>contact us if you'd like trial access

University of Manchester GPU FAQ

alt="NVIDIA CUDA Research Centre"

  • Software for GPUs inc. compiler/directives, maths libs & tools (debuggers and profilers)

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  • Q: how do I get max performance from NVIDIA cards?
    1. A: you need to use pinned memory and asynchronous comms
  • Q: how do I profile my CUDA code?
  • Q: how do I determine the amount of memory actually used by the GPU?
  • Q: how can I tell if my NVIDIA card is running in exclusive mode or not?
    1. A: load the SDK and run deviceQuery and examine the computeMode output

  • Q: how do I use the GPU testbed on HECToR?
    1. A: Accessing and running; <>contact us if you'd like trial access