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Finite Elements @ Manchester

The University Finite Element Club

The Finite Element Club is a forum where researchers can discuss a range of topics related to finite element modelling, including R&D and practical tips and tricks for users. It is open to everyone, from FEA developers to users of commercial applications. Anyone using finite elements at the University is welcome to edit this page to add information - first register and send an email requesting edit privileges (as described here).

To keep up to date with activities, subscribe to the University finite-elements mailing list.

Finite elements seminars

The University finite-elements mailing list

Where to get finite element support at the University

Site licensed FEA software

Using FEA software on University hardware


Dassault Systèmes have an online version of their 5 day Introduction to Abaqus course notes available to all 3DS Academy members. You can register here.

University NAFEMS Membership

NAFEMS is the International Society for the Modelling and Simulation community. It has over 1000+ institutional members, mainly from industry, and promotes best practice in the use of simulation. NAFEMS does this in a number of ways. It publishes "Why Do?" and "How to?" books in a wide range of subject areas, from basic finite element primers to more specialist topics including composites, geotechnics and multiphysics. These books are aimed at people who want to use simulation, rather than understand the mathematical and theoretical aspects of finite elements. NAFEMS also offers a number of eLearning courses and organizes seminars and conferences.

Membership is institutional and The University of Manchester is a member. The main benefit is in the form of discounts. If you wish to purchase a book or register for eLearning or a conference, please contact who will provide you with the University username and password. Lee maintains a record of who has benefitted from NAFEMS in order to help justify ongoing expenditure on the membership.

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