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"Dali" Visualization System

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This is a high end visualization workstation also suitable for large memory data processing jobs. Various visualization and HPC applications are available on this system. We encourage users to visit the DAL to use this system for visualization tasks. The following page gives information about the hardware and software available on dali and also how to book and access the system.


A complete list of installed software is available below.


Accessing Dali

User Accounts

To request an account on dali, please contact giving details of your intended use. We will determine whether you qualify for an account or whether an alternative RCS resource is more appropriate.

New users are added using their Central Service (LDAP) login name though the login does not use LDAP and so the passwords can be different.


Dali can be accessed via ssh. Hostname:

Booking Dali

We do not operate a job scheduling system on dali. Instead users wishing to use the system for interactive use or for running large memory jobs must book the machine in advance. We reserve the right to kill jobs run by users that have not booked dali in advance.

If you have any problems please contact

Remote Graphics and CUDA/OpenCL Access (Linux only)

Please read the page on Dali's Remote OpenGL Facilities for details on using OpenGL applications remotely. These applications will not run without certain system permissions being granted. This also applies to users wishing to use CUDA/OpenCL.

Once you have the required permissions to run CUDA/OpenCL, our community wiki has a few hints on getting started with CUDA/OpenCL:

House Rules

Dali does not operate a batch queueing system or disk usage quota. However, resources are finite and so we expect users to follow a few basic rules:

Technical Details


Wacom Tablet

A high quality Wacom Inutos3 A4 tablet primarily for segmentation is now available. This has been configured to work both under Vista and Linux. See Mary McDerby for the pen if you want to try it out.

Under windows you can toggle between screens using the left dippled button on the tablet. This can be configured in Settings->Wacom Tablet.

Under Linux the tablet is mapped to a single screen at a time to move between the screens tab the very edge of the tablet. This does make grabbing anything at the edge where the screens meet tricky.

By default the tablet is not plugged in. Please use the USB ports on the side of the left hand monitor.


Lists of significant applications and software installed under Scientific Linux 5.2 and Windows Vista64 are given below.



Third party and significant packages are not available to run by default. Your environment can be configured to run these packages by loading the appropriate module. A module will set up the various shell environment variables required by each package.

The following module commands can be issued in a shell on dali:

module avail

to see a list of available modules

module whatis

to see a brief description of each module

module load module/you/want
For example
module load express/dev/7.2.1

to load a module. This does not run the actual application but simply sets up your shell environment. You can then run the application using the command required by that application.

module help module/you/want

to see module-specific help text

Where you see the phrase (default) after a module listed by module avail you can omit the version number in the module load command. For example, the following will also load express/dev/7.2.1:



Modules is not used on Windows