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## page was renamed from Courses
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= Training Courses for Research Computing =
IT Services offers a range of courses to research postgraduates and staff that will improve your skills in all aspects of research computing including programming, high end computing and visualization. Listed below are the courses we offer throughout the year. Please follow the links for more detailed information, including the application process and prerequisites for each course. If you cannot find what you want please check our [[/ExtraTraining|other training courses list]] or email us on

New course dates for February and March 2014 will be announced in January but you can still add your self to a Waiting List. Please note that these courses are currently for staff and PGR only

||<tableclass="datatable" rowclass="heading"> '''Course Title''' || '''Online Booking''' || '''Resources''' ||
||<-3 rowclass="group2"> '''Foundation Courses''' ||
||<rowclass="group2"> Intro to UNIX || [[|Register for Online Course]] ||[[ | Direct access to the online course]] (no accredition in Training & Development) ||
||<rowclass="group2"> Intro to UNIX Shells & Processes || [[ |Post-Xmas]] || ||
||<rowclass="group2"> Intro to Research Computing ||[[|TBA]] ||[[IntroResearchComputing|materials]]||
||<rowclass="group2"> Intro to numerical computing with Python || [[|TBA]] || [[IntroPython|materials]] ||
||<-3 rowclass="group1"> '''Programming Techniques''' ||
||<rowclass="group1">Writing & running programs || [[ | TBA]] || [[ProgTechsResearchComputing|materials]] ||
||<rowclass="group1">Intro to Optimisation || [[| TBA]] || [[ProgTechsResearchComputing|materials]] ||
||<rowclass="group1">Intro to Parallel Programming || [[|TBA]] || [[ProgTechsResearchComputing|materials]] ||
||<-3 rowclass="group2"> '''FORTRAN'''||
||<rowclass="group2"> Intro to FORTRAN || [[| Online course with help available on dates TBA]] || [[|Direct access to the online course]] (no accredition in Training & Development) ||
||<rowclass="group2"> Intermediate FORTRAN || [[ |TBA]] || [[|materials]]||
||<-3 rowclass="group1"> '''MATLAB''' ||
||<rowclass="group1"> Intro to MATLAB || [[|TBA]] ||[[MATLAB|materials]] ||
||<rowclass="group1"> Programming in MATLAB || [[|TBA]] || [[MATLAB|materials]] ||
||<-3 rowclass="group2"> '''Parallel Programming'''||
||<rowclass="group2"> Intro to OpenMP & Multicore Programming || [[| TBA]] || [[OpenMP | materials]] ||
||<rowclass="group2"> High Throughput Computing using Condor || [[|TBA]] || [[HTC | materials]] ||
||<rowclass="group2"> Intro to MPI || [[| TBA]] ||[[MPI | materials]] ||
||<rowclass="group2"> Intermediate MPI || Summer 2014 ||[[MPI | materials]] ||
||<-3 rowclass="group1"> '''Programming Emerging Tech: GPU and Xeon Phi''' ||
||<rowclass="group1">Intro to OpenCL || [[ |TBA]] || [[OpenCL|materials]] ||
||<rowclass="group1">Intermediate OpenCL || [[ |TBA]] || ||
||<rowclass="group1">Intermediate CUDA|| [[ | TBA]] || [[CUDA|materials]] ||
||<rowclass="group1"> Introduction to Intel Xeon Phi || TBA || [[ | Getting Started...]] ||
||<-3 rowclass="group2"> '''Cloud Computing''' ||
||<rowclass="group2"> Windows Azure || [[| 3 & 4 April 2014]] ||2 day course run by Microsoft||
||<-3 rowclass="group1"> '''Image Based Modelling''' ||
||<rowclass="group1"> Intro to Image Based Modelling Using Finite Elements || [[| TBA]] ||[[ImageBasedModelling | materials]] ||
||<-3 rowclass="group2"> '''Visualization and Data Analysis'''||
||<rowclass="group2">Intro to Scientific Visualization || [[| (course being moved to online)]] || ||
||<rowclass="group2"> Intro to !ParaView || [[| TBA]] || [[ParaView|materials]] ||
||<rowclass="group2"> Intro to AVIZO || [[| available as required]] || [[Avizo|materials]] ||

## ||<-3 rowclass="group1"> '''Research Data Management (RDM)'''||
## ||<rowclass="group1">RDM Surgeries || [[| 8 Nov, 19 Nov]] || [[ | RDM web site]] ||

Additional forthcoming courses in 2014:
 * OpenACC (by NVIDIA)
 * Xeon Phi surgeries (by Intel) - March 2014

## * [[/OpenACC |OpenACC]] Using OpenACC directives for ease of parallelism
## * [[/Vectorisation | Producing and Analysing Vectorised code using Intel Parallel Studio XE]] Polyhedron-sponsored day with Intel seminars on road map and on tools, followed by afternoon hands on session optimising/vectorising Intel Sandy Bridge.

## <<Anchor(note1)>>
## When courses become full, remove their link from the list above and make a link to
## this note. It saves on admin if people don't book on to full courses.
## '''Note 1''': These courses are now full, either from being heavily oversubscribed resulting in long waiting lists from last year, or simply because we have received enough applications this semester. The courses may have also run this semester and so are no longer available for booking. We are '''not''' accepting new booking requests for these courses at the moment. Further information will be provided on this page if places become available.

##=== How to apply ===
Our courses are free to University of Manchester staff and research postgraduates. We ask that you apply in advance and, when allocated a place, you honour your booking.
##''Unfortunately we cannot currently offer our training to undergraduates and those on taught courses.''
##Course descriptions and the booking form are now in the Training Catalogue. Follow the links above for each course to be taken to the relevant page (you will need to log in with your central University username and password).

=== I cannot attend or I wish to cancel ===
Please [[|log in to your training profile]] in the [[|Training Catalogue]] and cancel your booking so that we can allocate your place to somebody else. Please note ''a fee may be charged if you fail to attend or cancel less than 1 full working day before the course begins''.

=== Can I get the slides and exercises? ===
All course presentations are available from the individual course pages listed [[#schedule|above]] (even if bookings are closed). There are also [[../Courses/TrainingBackgroundMaterials| Training Background Materials]] which include a CSF Quick Start Guide.

=== I need to leave feedback after a course ===

=== I have a question about the courses ===
If you have any other enquiries about the courses please do not hesitate to contact the ITS Research Training Team via [[|]].

## == Location of courses ==
## Courses are usually held in the Kilburn Building ([[|39 on map]]). Full details of times and venue will be sent to you via email when you've been registered on the course.
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= Current Training Courses for Research Computing =
'''Researchers (PGR and staff) can book on our courses via [[|StaffNet]], which shows our current training portfolio and has largely superceded this wiki.'''

Current Training Courses for Research Computing

Researchers (PGR and staff) can book on our courses via StaffNet, which shows our current training portfolio and has largely superceded this wiki.