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Tutor: Alistair Hart, Kevin Roy & Jason Beech-Brandt, Cray UK Ltd

Time and location: 10am-5pm, Not Scheduled Feb/Mar 2013. Training Room 3, Kilburn Building, The University of Manchester. Lunch provided.


About the Course

The current trend in the supercomputing industry is towards hybrid systems with accelerators attached to multi-core processors. The current Top500 list contains more than 50 systems with GPUs; ORNL and NCSA have plans to deploy large-scale hybrid systems by the end of 2012. The dominant programming models for accelerator-based systems (CUDA and OpenCL) offer the power to extract performance from accelerators, but with extreme costs in usability, maintenance, development, and portability. To be an effective HPC platform, these systems need a high-level software development environment to enable widespread porting and development of applications that run efficiently on either accelerators or CPUs. In this hands-on tutorial we present the high-level OpenACC parallel programming model for accelerator-based systems, demonstrating compilers and tools that support this cross-vendor initiative. Using personal experience in porting large-scale HPC applications, we provide development guidance, practical tricks, and tips to enable effective and efficient use of these hybrid systems.

Outline agenda (DRAFT)

10.00-10.20:    Lecture 1: Introduction and brief review of GPUs
10.20-11.20:    Lecture2: Introduction to the OpenACC programming model
11.20-11.45:    Practical 1: Logging on, using the Cray XK6, compiling and running "Hello World"
11.45-12.00:    Break and practical over-run
12.00-12.30:    Lecture 3: Worked example using a simple code
12.30-13.00:    Practical 2: Doing the worked example for yourselves
13.00-14.00:    Lunch (buffet lunch is provided on this course)
14.00-14.30:    Lecture 4: Using profiling for realistic applications
14.30-15.00:    Practical 3: Using the profiling tools
15.00-15.45:    Lecture 5: Advanced OpenACC topics (interoperability, performance tuning, etc.)
15.45-16.00:    Summary and outlook


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