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Massively Parallel Brain Surgery Simulation

Supervisors: Professor Stephane Bordas (Cardiff), Dr Lee Margetts (Manchester)

Collaborators: Professor Ray Ogden, Professor Gerhard Holzapfel

Researchers: Olivier Goury (Cardiff)

Medical experts: Two expert surgeons in Belgium and medical imagery + computer aided/guided surgery specialists, access to one in 30 interventional MRI scanners.

Aims and Objectives

This project aims to devise and validate a uniquely effective fully parallel surgery simulation tool for use in the training, rehearsing and objective evaluation of surgeons to eradicate much of the uncertainty in improving existing and creating new surgical procedures. High Performance Computing (HPC) is today the only way forward to simulate the effects of various strategies for cutting and manipulating brain tissue both accurately and in real­time. Achieving this will provide a step­change in surgical procedures.

The main long ­term aim of the research is to reconcile real­time and accuracy in brain surgery simulation through cutting ­edge computational mechanics, high ­performance computing and realistic brain matter mechanical models. Achieving this aim is not reasonably possible within a Ph.D.­level research, the proposed work will provide a detailed proof ­of­ concept required for further research by tackling the following four objectives.


For the first time in the field of surgical simulation, the increased efficiency will allow realistic non­linear material models to be used without sacrificing accuracy.

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